Travel items for Scotland

Travel Items for Scotland

Amazon Shopping List for Travel

Travelon backpack

There haven’t seen any washcloths at the places I’ve stayed so I bring disposable ones. Wash cloths:
Here is my comprehensive travel shopping list. Not on the list: I just ordered cool-jam pajamas because I need to be able to wash and hang dry my jammies in Scotland. It’s hard to dry things there because the humidity is so high. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Cosmetic bag I told you about—think Harry Potter Tent!:
I have 3. (See what’s inside in the lists at the bottom.) One for shower stuff, soap, razor etc. One for inhaler, meds, etc. One for everyday drugs and vitamins to go in my carryon. I’m considering getting one for food, like my oatmeal, protein bars, nuts, coffee, etc.)

Compression packing cubes (for my raincoat and my down winter coat for Scotland—I love these!)

Slim packing cube—I like these for undies and socks (I have blue and green)

Medium Packing cube for pants, shirt, etc (I love my blue ones)

Small white noise machine (I have to block out all the noises):

Outlet extender with USB ports (I take one everywhere):

Jewerly organizer (This has some padding so my jewelry doesn’t get crush, but it doesn’t take up a lot of room:
(I put necklaces in pill boxes like these, but clear

Travel sonic toothbrush (my regular one weighs a ton. This one is good for flying)

Disposable wisp toothbrushes that go everywhere with me:

Coconut oil packets for my coffee:

Travelon small rfid blocking crossbody purse:

This is what I have in my cosmetic travel bags:

Blue NeatPack   Maroon NeatPack   Clear Pack
AA battery   AAA battery   Biofreeze-packets
Bandaids   Conditioner   Conditioner
Bobby pins   Curler for bangs   eyedrops
Cortizone   Deodorant   lotion
Gum picks   Earplugs   Shampoo
Ice pack   Eye make-up remover   Sunscreen

  Eyedrops   Toothpaste
Inhaler   Handband    
Lidocaine patch   Make-up remover pads    
Lint brush   Mirror    
Pepto Bismol   Nail clippers    
Razor-Venus   Night mask    
Scissors   Powder    
Triple antibiotic cream   Q-tips    
Tums   Safety pins    
clothesline   Shampoo    
tape-Scotch tape   Shower cap    

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